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  • CD | Art Fazil | Special Collector’s Edition

    CD | Art Fazil | S...

    This Special Collector’s Edition has only a limited number of 1000 CD copies. VIEWS (2862)

  • CD | T:zi | Bagai Ada Tak Ada

    CD | T:zi | Bagai ...

    CD’s are also available in leading music stores locally. Muzika Records Joo Chiat Complex & Pasir Ris Loyang Point Space Laser at level-1 VIEWS (780)

Latest NEWS

  • Art Fazil – Special Collector’s Edition

    Art Fazil – ...

    Soon after the release of Rausyanfikir’s debut album in mid 1992, Art Fazil started working on his debut English album that was released by Pony Canyon. The album was recorded in late1992 in Lion Studio and completed in early 1993. It was produced by Eddie Marzuki who also produced Rausyanfikir albums. The folk-pop style album, is a reminisce of folky 60’s and 70’s music.  Art was heavily influenced by the music of James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan and Neil Young and the album bore traces of their style. The album produced radio hits such as ‘Sometimes When I Feel …

Art Gallery

  • Painting | Dalam Negeri Diri 05 – T:zi

    Painting | Dalam N...

    DALAM NEGERI DIRI 05 – T:zi (Oil Painting) Painting: Oil on Canvas. Size: 45.5 H x 35.7 W x 1.7 cm VIEWS (511)

Featured FASHION

  • Fashion | Lace Jubah

    Fashion | Lace Jub...

    D’Champa Trend Sizes Measurements : S – [S]38.0cm x [C]47.5 cm x [SL]56.5cm x [L]140.0cm M -[S]39.5cm x [C]50.5cm  x [SL]59.0cm x [L]140.0cm L – [S]40.5cm x [C]51.0cm  x [SL]59.5cm x [L]140.0cm [S] Shoulder [C] Chest  [SL] Sleeve [L] Length VIEWS (1106)

Salam Semua

  • Admin
    Waalaikumsalam ar for local and overseas purchase make payment when you click on [Paypal Checkout] at the bottom of the shopping cart page. In the paypal page then, there you will be able to key in your delivery address. Thank you
    5 August 2014
  • ar
    salam, just asking are hoodie shawls available still?how to purchase from malaysia?
    1 July 2014
  • Admin
    Waalaikumsalam, you can opt kids size 32 for your 6 year old boy. Thank you.
    23 April 2014
  • aida
    salam. my boy is a big fan of Art. got t shirt rilek brader for a 6 yr old lityle fan?:)
    3 April 2014
  • Admin
    Hi Noraini Md Ali.. Link to purchase Art Fazil "NUR' Album >>
    21 January 2014
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CD AvailabilityCambodia
CD’s are also available in leading music stores locally.

-Muzika Records Joo Chiat Complex
-Pasir Ris Loyang Point Space Laser at level-1

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